How to Fix Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive Crash Errors, Bugs, Stuck, Lag, and Won’t Start

Here the top working fixes for Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive crashes, errors, bugs, freezing, and lag. Make sure you follow the steps closely to repair Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive on PC, Playstation, Xbox, iOS, Android, Nintendo and other platforms.

Fixes for Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive Crash, Error, Freeze, Lag, Black Screen

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How to Fix Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive Crashes and Errors

Paradox Interactive - Prison Architect: Mobile  artwork Prison Architect: Mobile
Paradox Interactive
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 25, 2017

Build and Manage a Maximum Security Prison – Requires iPad 3 or newer!

Escape from reality but not from your custom-made jail! Prison Architect: Mobile challenges you to build and manage a maximum security prison, from laying out cell blocks and inmate facilities, to managing staff pay and prisoner morale. From layout to execution (literally, in some cases), you are the architect, the warden, and the enforcer.

Prison designs will include basic necessities like cells, canteens, guard rooms, and infrastructure, but players can also include features like solitary confinement, workout areas, and even an execution chamber. The tablet version comes with enough to get started, with additional story-driven campaign chapters and more features available as premium content.

Prison Architect: Mobile includes:
– Build and manage a prison to house a variety of different prisoners
– Juggle inmate needs with security concerns, infrastructure, and the ever-looming budget
– Follow the story in Campaign Mode to learn new prison-building techniques and get to know life behind bars through a series of cutscenes and objectives
– Unlock more Campaign chapters with one-time purchases
– Violent enders: Manage different types of criminals and keep control through floods, fires, fights, and full-blown riots

Introversion Software, developers of critically acclaimed games, bring you a new mobile version of their award-winning PC hit. Together with the master strategists at Paradox Interactive, Introversion's Prison Architect: Mobile will provide you with enough challenging fun to last an entire life sentence!
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We hope our fixes worked for you and you were able to play Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive. If you continue to have crashes and errors when playing Prison Architect: Mobile – Paradox Interactive, comment below so we can help.

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